How to Raise Capital for Your Online Mini Importation Business

Here is how to raise capital for your online mini importation business in Nigeria, Ghana, or anywhere else across Africa.

The first method is to start your business small and gradually grow it to a multimillion naira or cedi one.

The second method is to use Patrick Ogidi’s “Other Peoples’ Money” system.

Finally, you can raise capital for your online importation business through – that small services website that has taken the world by storm for services starting from $5!

Now, see the comprehensive details below.

Raising Capital for Your Online Importation Business – Method One

According to an experienced internet marketer cum mini importer, the online mini importation business is “The ONLY legitimate and surefire business that guarantees quick earning with over 300% returns on your investment.”

But, you may exclaim in exasperation, “But, I do not have money and importation business is for those who have millions of Naira!” If so, that is where you got it wrong. The days of requiring millions of naira for importation business are long gone. Now, you can start the online mini importation business with as low as N20,000 – thanks to the internet.

You can even start your online mini importation business with less than that (if not for the rising dollar). For instance, Adetunji Gbolagade started his online importation business with just N12,190 (or $75.18) back then when the dollar was still N162 to the dollar. He gradually grew the business to a multi-millionaire naira one. You can do the same too.

If you are a student or do not have a large amount of capital, you can start small and gradually increase your capital until you have a substantial amount of money to order large quantities at a time. You can begin with cheap phones, phone accessories, flash drives and memory cards. And as your business grows, you can include other items such as laptops.

Raising Capital for Your Online Importation Business – Method Two

Additionally, you can equally adopt Mr. Patrick Ogidi’s “OPM system” of raising quick capital. Here is how he did it.

Sometime back, I wanted to order a bunch of these:beautiful-quartz-ladies-wrist-watch

Do you know what this is? It’s a Bracelet Style Lady’s Crystal Quartz Watch. And the reason I wanted to import this was not just because of the insanely cheap price, but it’s something that can easily sell off fast. I earlier got one for my lady and ever since then, her colleagues in the office have been all over her. My import cost was just $3.85 a unit … (Approximately N600 as at 2012)

Now, before I ordered for this, I spoke with a shop owner and showed her a sample of this very wrist watch, and she easily agreed to pay N2,200 for each… (please take note) and went for 200 pieces of the wrist watch. My cost was N120,000 (N600 x 200). But before that freaks you out – you think you don’t have N120,000, hear this:

I convinced her to pay only N1,500 per unit, instead of the N2,200 she agreed on earlier.. That was simply to sweeten the deal and make it utterly irresistible for her, but on one condition… And the condition is; that she will pay half of the total cost of what she’s supposed to pay in advance.

We agreed on getting her 200 pieces of this item… So, total cost was N1,500 x 200 = N300,000. She paid me N150,000… initially! I imported the 200 items at N120,000 (N600 x 200) and delivered to her in 2 weeks time. After another 5 days, she paid me the balance of N150,000. The Result? N180,000 pure Profit – N30,000 from the first payment + N150,000 final payment! Without even using my money… OPM – Other Peoples’ Money!

Simply ingenious! Using other peoples’ money to, not only, do business, but also sell the products to them at over 100% profit.

Raising Capital for Your Online Importation Business – Method Three

Now, here is the final method that you can use to raise capital for your online mini importation business through – that small services website that has taken the world by storm for services starting from $5!

Mr. Tunji Gbolagade narrated how his junior brother (an MSc holder) raised capital for his online importation business and also pay for his MSc program in his free report “Mini Importation Business a to z”:

“What if I tell you that my brother never used any amount of money directly to buy the goods above. Yes, you heard me right. He never used any money from his pocket to buy the goods. Gbolagade Adekunle is my brother’s name… you can find him on Facebook.

“He’s always grateful to me for showing him the road to internet money making. He finished his Youth Service in 2011 and he’s never been employed. He’s presently running his program in the prestigious University of Ibadan and all his bills were footed by him. You know what it means for an unemployed to foot over N300,000 bill for his program.

“I taught him how to make money online through FIVERR.COM and ever since, he has been making good income online via and was sent a FIVERR REVENUE CARD for withdrawing his earnings. The card looks exactly like the one below.

Fiverr Revenue Card“That’s exactly what he used in paying for the products he bought online. I am not sure you are getting me clearly. He’s into another business online (fiverr) and the money he made from the business (fiverr) is what he used in buying the goods that he bought (importation business) and sold to people in Nigeria and make more money.

“Obviously, he could have used his GTbank or Firstbank’s ATM card to pay for the goods he bought online but, he decided to spend out of the money he made online through Fiverr. So, if he has up to N100,000 made from his Fiverr business in a month, he can decide to use the whole money for importation of goods and by the time he sells them, he could increase his money to as much as N250,000 for the month. That’s an student and my immediate brother.

“Let me gist you this: He used to think internet money making is scam not until he saw my achievements and ran back to me to learn from me. That’s less than 2 years back. Now, he’s a big boy!

“Here are some of the parcel I received from DHL who happened to ship some of my orders from abroad. I love DHL so much as shipment method coz my goods come around in less than 5days.”

DHL2So, what are you waiting for? Now, you have no excuse whatsoever not to start the online mini importation business in Nigeria, Ghana or anywhere else across Africa today!

Honestly speaking, this opens up a very lucrative home business opportunity for making money right from the comfort of your home! You can begin a computers, mobile phones and accessories business using this business opportunity. Believe me. There is no limit to the extent that you can take your online mini importation business in Nigeria or Ghana or anywhere else across Africa!

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