The Mini Importers Companion Updated And Reloaded – Now “The Importers Bible”

100% UPDATE COMPLETE! “The Mini Importers Companion” has transformed and metamorphosed into “The Importers Bible”!


“The Mini Importers Companion” is the first most comprehensive and authoritative step by step online importation guide – which was first published in 2012.

Now, for the very first time after four (4) years, “The Mini Importers Companion” has been fully updated and loaded with additional information.

Now “The Mini Importers Companion” is even bigger and better than it was a few months back. And it has a new name too. It is now known as “The Importers Bible” and contains over 10 new informational ideas about the online importation business.

In July 2013, Elechi Felix, a civil engineer, bought “The Mini Importers Companion” and was so impressed with the quality of information in the book that he sent a message to me to express his appreciation. Here is what he wrote below:

“Mr Kome Itoje, compliment of the season. I bought five mini importation ebook or report from five different people and I rated you the BEST.”

Some of the things that have been included in the new fresh-from-the-oven update of “The Mini Importers Companion” are as follows:

1. How To Raise Capital For Your Online Importatio Business.

2. How to Conduct Market Survey………………………………… for Goods That Are Hot in Demand in Your Area!

3. How to Establish Yourself In Your Area As A Monopolist With Goods That Are Not common But Very Hot In Demand That Everybody Buys From You Alone!

4. Samples Of Fast Selling Hot In Demand Products Capable of Making You Over N50,000 Every Single Week Of The Year!

5. Step By Step Process Of Importing Goods From China And Other Asian Countries..

6. How to import products from United States and United Kingdom websites – even from sites that do not ship to Nigeria.

7. 100% Genuine And Legitimate Import Portals To Purchase Goods From On The Internet.

8. How Not To Lose Your Money To Scam And Fake Import Portals On The Internet.

9. How to ship your imported goods through DHL with Free Shipping Within 3 To 5 Business Days. You won’t believe this. But, it is REAL!!!

10. How to get the best bargain for various products on the online Importation Portals.

11. How to import branded goods like HP, Dell, Acer, Samsung, Nokia, Infinix and others with the cheapest prices on the internet.

12. How To Track Your Order Until It Arrives At Your Home Address Right Here In Nigeria.

13. How to avoid paying custom duties for your imported goods or losing them to bogus customs officers. If you do not know this secret, you will be paying heavily each time your goods arrive in Nigeria.

14. How To Get Your Money Back If The Product Delivered Is Substandard Or Different From Specification On The Import Portal.

15. How To Market Your Goods Quickly Retailers And Other Buyers In Your Area Without Stress.

16. How To Use Facebook To Advertise And Market Your Online Importation Products.

17. How To Recruit Your Own Team Of Affiliate Marketers Of Your Online Importation Products.

18. How To Expand Your Online Importation Business By Becoming A Jumia, Olx, Konga, Kaymu And Jiji Partner And Affiliate Marketer.

19. How To Get The Resale Right Of “The Importers Bible” So That You Too Can Sell The Award-Winning e-Book As Your Own And Keep The 100% Profit For Yourself!

And so much much more!

Honestly speaking, “The Importers Bible” will show you how to do all your online importation with ease from online importation portals in US, UK and Asia countries.

Remember that Mr Elechi Felix bought the old version of the book before the new update and he regarded it as the “BEST”. I wonder what he would say now if he laid his hands on this new update.

Believe me. This awesome e-book is a MUST HAVE for all would-be online importers.

If you would like to have a copy of this book, click the following link ===>>> Download a Free Copy of “The Importers Bible” Here!!!

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