How to Start an Online Mini Importation Business in Nigeria or Ghana

The online mini importation business is one of the hottest top paying home businesses in Nigeria or Ghana today. So, how do you start an online mini importation business in Nigeria or Ghana?

Well, it is simpler than you think! You do not need an import license or any connection whatsoever to get started. Neither do you need millions of naira or cedi to start the business.

Office space?

Office staff?

Office equipment and furniture?

Generator and all the noise and stress associated with it?

None of the above needed whatsoever!

All you need to run your importation business successfully is a computer and an internet access – and you are in business!


Does it not take months to receive the imported products at your home address? If not, how long does it take for you to receive your imported products? You can purchase various products from the internet and get them delivered straight to your “doorsteps” in Nigeria, Ghana, or any other part of Africa within 2 to 5 business days.

What about the cost of shipping your products?

Nah, you will not need to pay a single dime for shipping! Yes, you simply import any product you desire (it must be HOT IN DEMAND and FAST SELLING, mind you!) and it will be delivered straight to your doorsteps right here in Nigeria, Ghana or any other country across the globe with shipping cost ZERO. Yes, with FREE SHIPPING!

What about running costs of the business? Virtually next to nothing!

That is why this is the perfect home based business that you could ever hope for! Believe me. This is by far the hottest and sweetest legitimate online business that you will ever find on the net!

As a matter of fact, here is what you need to successfully start and operate the online mini importation business from the comfort of your home in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya or any other part of Africa with as little as N50,000 (or its equivalent) and generate over N300,000 (or its equivalent) profit on a monthly basis.

What You Need To Get Started

Here is what you need to successfully start the importation business:

(1) A means of making payment on the online import websites – For you to successfully buy various products online, you need to have a valid debit card. Take a look at the Naira MasterCard issued by First Bank below:


If you do not have a First Bank account, you can use the naira MasterCard of any other bank. All you need to do is get your bank to activate internet banking on the card. You will need to tell them though that you want to use the card to buy goods from import portals on the internet so that they can activate it for stress-free transactions on the internet.

(2) A Laptop with Internet Connection or a Cybercafé: If you have a laptop or a smart phone (like an Android) with internet access, all well and good. But, if not, you can make use of a cybercafé until you are buoyant enough to buy one.


(3) An Easily Traceable Shipping Address: For you to import products online, you need to have an easily traceable address in Nigeria – something like 18B, Amuwo Odofin Residential Scheme, (inside Green Estate), Lagos. If you do not have an address that can easily be traced, you can use your office address or that of a friend or family member.

Take note that the products that you will be ordering online will be coming into Nigeria through regular mails (post office) or through express mails (DHL, EMS and so on). If through the previous, the postmaster will call you on phone to come and pick them up at their office when your goods arrives there.

On the other hand, if your order was shipped via DHL, the company’s representative will endeavour to deliver it to your door steps, if your address is easily accessible. If not, they will call you on phone to come to their office which is closest to you and pick up your delivery.

(4) A Valid USA Address for shopping in USA Website: How to do this is explained in great detail in chapter four.

(5) A valid email address for communicating with the various sellers on the importation portals.

(6) “The Importers Bible” – step-by-step online importation guide by Kome Itoje.

The Importers Bible - the only authoritative guide on start and successfully operate the online importation business in Nigeria

(7) Start-up capital (Minimum N20,000).

If you would like to have a copy of “The Importers Bible” by Kome Itoje, click the following link ===>>> Download a Free Copy of “The Importers Bible” Here!!!

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