Latest Job Vacancies in Nigeria for Fresh Graduates

Looking for latest hot job vacancies for fresh graduates in Nigeria?

Searching for recruitment in UNICEF, World Bank, US Embassy, and other international organisations?

What about employment opportunities in the oil and gas sector, Chevron, ExxonMobil, customs, power and mines, telecommunication industry, banks and other such juicy job openings in Nigeria?

If so, search no more!!!  I’ve got something for you that pays far better and juicier than oil!!!

You also have the wonderful opportunity of becoming your own boss. Yep. That’s right – you own your self (body and soul) and your time too. You answer “Yes, sir” to no one but yourself.

So, what employment could that be that pays far better than oil and gas?

Well, brace yourself for it.

It is the online mini importation business!!!

Online Mini Importation Defined

What is online mini importation?

Simply stated, online mini importation (or e-importation) is an online business which involves the process of ordering various products on the internet and receiving them at one’s shipping address, in some cases free of any shipping costs.

So, what can you import?

Just about anything! Brand new and fairly used Infinix, Nokia, Microsoft Lumia, Tecno, blackberry and android phones, laptops, electronics, shoes, bags, clothes, jewelries, weavons (brazilian and peruvian hair) and other top quality products – just name them.

You can even import motor vehicles and their spare parts. No kidding. Believe me.

That is not even why the online mini importation business is the business of the moment!!!

Find out why below.

No import license or connection in high places needed!!!

No millions of naira needed!!!

No office space needed!!!

No office equipment needed!!!

No generator needed!!!

No paid employees needed!!!

Running costs of the business is almost ZERO!!!

You do not even need to travel abroad.

Everything relating to the online mini importation business is done on the internet from beginning to finish – from when you place order for your products until you receive them right here in Nigeria, Ghana or anywhere else in Africa.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection from the popular network service providers out there – Glo, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and the rest of them.

You do not have a computer? Then use a cyber cafe. The only time you need to connect to the internet is when you want place order for your products and track them till you receive them at your home address.

In all, you may not spend more than N500 for internet browsing each time you want to import products from the internet.

How long does it take for you to receive your imported products at your home or office address? Within one week to three weeks.

How to Raise Capital for Online Importation

No money to start? No problem!!! Discover how to use OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY to do the online mini importation business today.

Also, discover 2 other secret methods to raise over N300,000 capital to start the online mini importation business without any spending a dime of your own.

Do you now see why the online mini importation business is the hottest online business right now?

Personally, I refer to the online mini importation business as “the perfect online business for everyone”!

So, STOP SEARCHING for latest hot jobs that are just not there!!! Start an online mini importation business today!!!

Need More Info?

Eager to know more?

Do you want to know the 100% genuine and legitimate online importation portals that you can do all your importation business with peace of mind that you will not lose your money to online scam (or “419”)?

One of them is Another is There are over 5 other secret import portals that offer the cheapest products than those two websites.

What about shipping cost and import duties on your imported products?

How do you avoid losing your imported products to customs officers at the customs?

All these and many more information are explained exhaustively and explicitly in the fresh-from-the-oven newly-updated e-book titled: “The Importers Bible”, also known as “The Importers Companion”.

Need more information about the online mini importation business in Nigeria, Ghana or any other country in Africa?

Then, get “The Importers Bible” – the ONLY authoritative guide on the online mini importation business – and become an importation expert today!!!


do you still want to continue to waste time and money on Google searching for those forever-elusive latest hot job vacancies for fresh graduates in Nigeria and employment opportunities in oil and gas industry, government institutions and other choice establishments?

I suppose not.

So, take your destiny in your own hands and start the online mini importation business today! You will never regret it. Believe me.

An Offer You Cannot Refuse!

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But, that is not all!!!

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But, you need to hurry!!!


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So, you really need to HURRY!!!

No better time than NOW to start, not one, but TWO HOTTEST online businesses today.

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