Proof that the Online Mini Importation Business is Real and NOT A SCAM – Mrs Temidayo Adisa’s Testimonial

Here is proof that the online mini importation business is as real can ever be.

Though you need to be very careful not to fall into the hands of fake and bogus online importation portals – as over 90% of all so-called online businesses are outright scam – with proper tutelage and guidance, you can never go wrong with the online mini importation business.

Below is the sterling testimonial by a Port-Harcourt based Housewife, by name Mrs. Temidayo Adisa.

She ordered an Android phone (spec: Free Shipping by Singapore post! 7 inch infotmix IMAPx210 Android 2.3 Tablet PC 4G 1GHZ replace 7 inch via 8650) for just $56 (about N11,032 in 2014) from the internet.

One week after ordering the product, it was delivered to her 100% free of shipping costs at her residential address.

But, would you be surprised if I told you that she sold the product directly the next day at over 300% profit of its original price? Yep! That is precisely what happened.

Mrs. Adisa resold the Android phone for N40,000 to her colleague in the office, thereby making a whooping profit of over N28,000 in just one single sale. Wonderful!

Here is a screenshot of the brand new Android phone which Mrs. Adisa bought for just $79.50. The screenshot of the Android phone’s screen is shown alongside it.


The screenshot above is a recent one. You can see that the price has even dropped to $47.29 as a result of a 30% price slash. Awesome indeed!

Start a Mini Importation Business Today!

Do you now see why this is the hottest online business right now? So, what the hell are you still waiting for? Go right ahead and start an online mini importation business today!

You do not even need to travel abroad to engage in the business.

Everything relating to the online mini importation business is done on the internet from beginning to finish – from when you place order for your products until you receive them right here in Nigeria, Ghana or anywhere else in Africa.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection from the popular network service providers out there – Glo, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and the rest of them.

You do not have a computer? Then use a cyber cafe. The only time you need to connect to the internet is when you want to place order for your products and track them till you receive them at your home address.

In all, you may not spend more than N500 for internet browsing each time you want to import products from the internet.

How long does it take for you to receive your imported products at your home or office address? Within one week to three weeks.

No money to start? No problem!!! Discover how to use OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY to do the online mini importation business today.

Also, discover 2 other secret methods to raise over N300,000 capital to start the online mini importation business without any money of your own.

Personally, I refer to the online mini importation business as “the perfect online business for everyone”!

So, you see? You have absolutely no reason whatsoever not to become an online mini importer today – unless, of course, you are satisfied with your “9 to 5” desk job or you have a more lucrative offline business that pays far better than oil!

And if you are a fresh graduate who has been avidly looking for latest hot job vacancies in Nigeria or Ghana both online and offline in various newspapers and local dailies, I have one simple advice for you and it is this:


Need More Info?

Eager to know more? Do you want to know the 100% genuine and legitimate online importation portals that you can do all your importation business with peace of mind that you will not lose your money to online scam (or “419”)?

What about shipping cost and import duties on your imported products?

How do you avoid losing your imported products to customs officers at the customs?

All these and many more information are explained exhaustively and explicitly in the fresh-from-from-oven newly-updated e-book titled: “The Importers Bible”, also known as “The Importers Companion”.

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