How I Earned Over N250,000 In Less Than A Month From The Online Mini Importation Business – Mrs. Udeviegwo

“How I earned over N250,000  in less than a month from the online mini importation business in Nigeria” as told by Mrs. Gloria Udeviegwo.Gloria UdeviegwoHere is an amazing story of financial liberation for Mrs. Gloria Udeviegwo (a civil servant) and her family. She and her husband are employed in the Unified Local Government Service Commission in Delta State, Nigeria.

Due to dwindling oil revenues and monthly federal allocations to the states, the government could no longer live up to its responsibilities of paying workers salaries as at when due – resulting in some of the councils owing workers as many as eight (8) months salary arrears.

Things became bad for Mrs. Gloria Udeviegwo and her family until heaven smiled down on them and help came in the form of the online mini importation business.

She narrated how she earned over N250,000 in less than a month from the online mini importation business and she was instantly liberated from the ugly financial situation which stared her and her family squarely in the face.

Let her tell you the rest of the story…

I am Gloria Udeviegwo. I would like you to share my story with other families out there who may also have a similar experience to what my family experienced in the last six (6) months.

I am a married woman with four lovely kids – three boys and a girl. I and my husband are civil servants. We work in different local government councils in the Delta State Unified Local Government Service. We have not been paid our salaries for seven (7) months now (from September 2015 to March 2016).

Things were not easy for our family. We were unable to pay our children’s school fees and they had to stop school. Even feeding became a problem too.

Eventually God sent a saving grace in the form of the online mini importation business. When I saw a post regarding the business by Kome Itoje on Facebook, I got interested and told my husband about it. We immediately took action and sourced money from friends to attend the seminar at Asaba.

On our return, we began implementing all that we were taught at the seminar. We also followed all the suggestions and strategies discussed in detail in “The Importers Bible”. Since we had no money of our own to start the business, we raised the sum of N50,000 at 10% interest rate repayable in 6 months from a cooperative in town through the assistance of a friend of my husband.

“Our venture into the online importation business started in late November 2015 and I am sure that the festive season was what helped our business to flourish greatly. It was Christmas and New Year time and everybody – especially the ladies – wanted to look good for the celebration.

While starting out, we concentrated on everything ladies use and wear like shoes, clothes, bags and jewelries. We later included children wears and baby products. We have also included the importation of top quality branded mobile phones like Infinix, Lumia, Nokia, Samsung, Tecno and Blackberry products.

Below are some of the products which I and my husband imported from 100% genuine and legitimate online importation portals on the internet.

Brazilian and Peruvian Hair


Ladies and Men’s Wrist Watches

Udeviegwo6 Udeviegwo4Udeviegwo7

And Mobile Phones and Accessories blackberries mobile phones


I Thank God for the online mini importation business!!! These past seven (7) months without salary would have been a living hell if not for the income that has been sustaining my family from the business which we started barely four (4) months ago.

Our living standard has improved greatly and my children are back to school.  Additionally, our capital base for the business is over a million naira (N1,000,000) right now and we have since paid back the loan we borrowed from the cooperative  – all thanks to the online mini importation business!

Speaking from experience, I can say that the online mini importation business is good. It has saved my family from abject poverty and penury. I strongly recommend the business to everyone – especially full time housewives and mothers. The hard times and non-payment of salaries have become a blessing in disguise for my family.

Now, I no longer think about when the backlog of salaries will be paid. When my other colleagues lament the hardship that the non-payment of salaries has caused in their families, I just smile to myself and say a silent prayer of gratitude to God for liberating my family through the online mini importation business.

I wish I could help them experience the financial freedom that I have experienced, but the instant reaction I get from them is that of doubt and disbelief. So, I have stopped trying to convince them about the business – unless, of course, if any of them become curious as to the secret for my family’s enviable standard of living despite the non-payment of salaries.

Thanks for sharing my story. – Mrs. Gloria Udeviegwo, from Emede, Delta State

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Everything relating to the online mini importation business is done on the internet from beginning to finish – from when you place order for your products until you receive them right here in Nigeria, Ghana or anywhere else in Africa.

All you needprd06da61c8-f8a9-402a-8590-fbec98bfbf1a is a computer with an internet connection from the popular network service providers out there – Glo, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and the rest of them.

You do not have a computer? Then use a cyber cafe. The only time you need to connect to the internet is when you want to place order for your products and track them till you receive them at your home address.

In all, you may not spend more than N500 for internet browsing each time you want to import products from the internet.

How long does it take for you to receive your imported products at your home or office address? Within one week to three weeks.

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