Start A Mini Importation Business On Facebook

Here is how to start a mini importation business on Facebook — the easiest way to sell and make money online from anywhere across the globe.

Ever heard of drop shipping? How can you combine the drop shipping system with your Facebook Business Page?

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about marketing your mini importation products on Facebook using the drop shipping approach.

Frankly speaking, you will not only learn how to make money from Facebook. You will also learn how to earn minimum of $250 or even more on a weekly basis from Facebook for life guaranteed!

And to tell you the truth, this is one of the easy ways to make money online from home hassle-free and without any stress.

Personally, over 70% of all the sales I have made from my mini importation business have been done with leads from Facebook.

You can do the same too. In a few minutes, you will learn how to replicate the exact system that I use to start a mini importation business on Facebook using the drop shipping approach.

You do not even need a website in order to be able to accomplish it.

I will teach you some simple-to-implement strategies, techniques, tips and tricks to use in exploiting this home business opportunity that you can take advantage of right from the comfort of your home.

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So, what do you need to start a mini importation business on Facebook?

  • Personal Profile: The first thing you need in order to start a mini importation business on Facebook is a personal profile. So, you will need to create one, if you do not already have.
  • Facebook Business (Or Fan) Page: The second thing is a Facebook Business (or Fan) Page.
  • Contact Us Form: Another thing you need is a Contact Us Tab with details on how prospective customers can contact you right from your Facebook Business Page.
  • Business Portfolio: After creating your Facebook Business Page with your Contact Form Tab in place, the next step to start your mini importation business on Facebook is to determine what you want to sell on Facebook. Take note that you cannot just sell anything that catches your fancy if it is your desire to make money from Facebook. You must deal in and offer for sale ONLY those products that are hot in demand and offer quick returns. Hence, you need a business portfolio with at least 10 hot in demand and best selling products. You can create a catalogue from these products to have a variety of the products for prospective customers to browse through before placing their orders.
  • An Order Form: To make your Business Page a complete one, you need an order form tab. With this tool prospective customers can fill the form right from your Facebook Business Page.
  • The Import Portals: 3 Or 4 100% genuine, legitimate and trustworthy import portals where you can do your online mini importation business from without stress.

With all the above working tools in place, here is how to go about doing your mini importation business on Facebook.

There are two ways to go about operating your mini importation business on Facebook.

The first one is: you order the products and stock them in your house. When your customers order from you from Facebook and pay to your account, you send the products to them through the local transport or courier system.

The only problem with this approach is that you will need a lot of money, perhaps up to one million naira (N1m) or even more (depending on the line of products you decide to specialize in), and a large warehouse space to stock your products in order to successfully implement this approach. You may also need to engage the services of some office personnel to take care of various aspects of your business for you.

Certainly, that approach makes starting an import business scary for the ordinary person on the street searching for an easy means of ensuring his daily survival on the internet.

Honestly, that approach is stale. So, drop it!

The secret to making money from Facebook through the online mini importation business is to use the drop shipping method.

As a matter of fact, the drop shipping system is a better approach to making money from Facebook.

What is Drop Shipping?

What is drop shipping? And what does this approach entail?

According to the standard definition within the online shopping community, drop shipping is a supply chain management technique or Marketing business model that allows a retailer to accept orders from the end users or customers on behalf of the manufacturer or wholesaler.

In other words, the retailer is the middle man in the supply chain.

As a result of lack of or insufficient capital, the retailer cannot hire or rent a warehouse and stock it with a lot of products in anticipation of future sales to intending buyers.

So, the drop shipping model is the perfect solution to the small-time retailer's nightmare. The goods remain with the manufacturer or wholesaler, while the retailer list their products or goods for sale.

When an order is received from a buyer, the retailer passes the customer's order and shipping details to the manufacturer or wholesaler who subsequently handles everything related to shipping of the goods directly to the customer.

Thereafter, the supplier will ship the product directly from their warehouse to the retailer's customer, and charge him or her only for the price of the shipped item. The retailer can also request the supplier to include his company name and address in the package before shipping it off to the customer.

Thus, the retailer benefits from selling products to customers, without possibly seeing the products.

The only thing he or she needs to do is to get the orders from the customers and pass them on to the online import portals.

The retailer gets paid, removes his or her commission, order the products, send the customers details to the suppliers and track the shipping of the products until the customers confirm that they have received delivery of the ordered products directly from the wholesalers or manufacturers.

You can now see that drop shipping is the easiest way to sell online for any newbie without requiring a huge capital outlay.

The diagram below explains how the drop shipping process works.

Visual Impression of the Drop Shipping Process

Drop Shipping and Facebook Business Page

Drop Shipping - A Practical Example

Here is a practical example of how the drop shipping system works.

Let's say Akpos who hails from Warri in Delta State Nigeria decides to start a mini importation business on Facebook.

Akpos already has a Facebook personal profile and business (or fan) page with order form and business portfolio of 10 hottest in demand mini importation products.

Akpos logs into one of the import portals and finds a product he thinks a customer would be interested in, at the price of $64. Let's say Akpos succeeds in convincing the customer to buy the goods for $94 plus $10 shipping and handling.

The customer orders the product right from Akpos' Facebook Business Page and pays him $104 for the order. Thereafter, Akpos logs into the import portals, orders the product and routes the shipping information directly to the seller, and ensures that the order is shipped on time.

Akpos is billed for the wholesale price of the product and shipping cost, which are $63 and $10 shipping respectively. Since Akpos passed the shipping cost onto his customer, he has made $31 profit on this one order. Great job Akpos!

Now, let's say Akpos finds another product that sells for $3.5 (That's about N1,400) each on one of the import portals we will call product X. Akpos meets Ada who agrees to pay him N2,200 for each. Mind you, product X sells for N2,800 wholesale price in Nigeria.

Okay, let's say Ada orders 200 pieces and to gain her trust (trust is very important and crucial to the success and rapid growth of your mini importation business on Facebook), Akpos tells her to pay half of the total cost and balance up upon delivery.

So she pays Akpos half of N440,000 (N2,200 x 200), which amounts to N220,000.

Now to get 200 pieces of that product from the import portal, Akpos spend N1,400 x 200 = N280,000. Akpos only need to add N60,000 of his personal money to complete the order.

Thereafter, Akpos simply order the goods, keep track of them online and once it is delivered, Ada balances up and Akpos ends up making a profit of N160,000!

He can remove his personal money of N60,000 if he borrowed it or he can simply add it to his profit of N160,000 and he has a capital of N220,000 to continue his online importation business and take it to a whole new level.

From the above scenario, you can see that Akpos has used Ada's money to order the goods for her and made a huge profit from the sale while only using a small fraction of his own personal money to complete the order.

Awesome indeed!

That is how sites like and others started their online importation portals - right inside Facebook - without having a website of their own or even a registered office.


How many times have you logged on to Facebook to find people advertising stuff by the right hand side of the Facebook website? In case you do not know, many of these guys that advertise their business on Facebook do not even have a physical office in the "real world"!

Yes, they sell their stuff right from their Facebook fan (or business) page. Okay, let me give you some examples of people doing it right here in Nigeria.

What about this big time watch seller that owns He has been selling watches on his fan page ( for over a year before getting a physical office in Lagos recently. If you check it out, you will notice that the page has over 330,000 people who like the page.

How do they do this?

Simple! A simple Facebook fan page which is free, then promote it with Facebook ads.

How The Facebook Marketing Process Works

Let's say you wish to sell something like Android, what you do is to create something like "Cheap Android Phones for Nigerians", advertise it to get targeted fans to it, and then sell to the fans of your page using simple status updates.

Simple, right? Most certainly.

I bet you, if you're really serious, you'll be doing sales of over 30 pieces monthly...

Get your calculator to work mate!

First, you create a Facebook fan page. Here's the link to create one. It's free!

The next thing you would want to do is to adorn it with a nice timeline cover and profile images.

Check out the "The Mini Importers Bible" ( to see how it looks like.

You can have a graphic artist design your Facebook Page Timeline Cover for you... or better still outsource the whole of the fan page creation to folks on fiverr for just $5.

Or, even far better (that is, if you like freebies just as I do), you can take advantage of ImportersBible Facebook Fan Page Give-away promo to get your own Facebook Fan Business Page today for free!

Once your fan page is ready, the next thing is to get targeted fans to join your page, using paid Facebook ads. Yes, spend some money here. It's not only worth it, but the fans of your page become your loyal customers forever.

Another way to get fans to your page is to search around Facebook for pages with good number of fans - from 30k fans upwards. Contact their admin and pay them to have your message with your page link attached posted on their wall. This way, you will get a lot of people to join your page within a short time.

However, if you're going to be using the paid status update method, you may want to create a tab/app like this ( to make sure you convert more of those visiting your page from the other page to fans. With simple status updates, you can keep advertising your products and have your fans buying lots of them.

Take note that when fans are happy with the quality of your products and service, you build their trust in you and your business. Thus, they graduate from customers to becoming loyal friends.

When this happen, they can even share/recommend the products to their friends. And through the awesome power of community effort, their recommendations can quickly go viral and get many people's attention within a short time!

Basically, all you need to do is to build relationship with your fans, gain their trust and no one will bother if you have a physical office or not.

I bet you, if you have a sizable number of fans and you're really serious, you'll be doing sales of over 30 to 100 pieces of your product monthly... get your calculator to work mate!

Believe me. It's doable; seriously!

Now, even if you're making only N5,000 profit from selling a product, you will net N250,000 from selling 50 pieces of that product.

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Honestly, you do not need to worry about how to go about setting up your business on Facebook with the aim of marketing your online mini importation products. Everything has been done for you!

A Facebook Business Page complete with a timeline cover and profile picture, an order and contact form, as well as a business portfolio of 10 hottest in demand mini importation products...

What more can you ask for to start a mini importation business on Facebook and start making money online from home right here in Nigeria or Ghana? Certainly, nothing!

Usually, I charge $197 (About N83,000) for creating a Facebook business page with an order form, a contact form, and a business portfolio tabs. But, if you take advantage of my Facebook ImportersBible Promo, you get all these completely free!

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