Welcome to the Importers Heaven!

Welcome to ImportersBible.com – the importers heaven on the internet!

The online mini importation business is one of the hottest top paying home business in Nigeria or Ghana today. It has been described as “The ONLY legitimate and surefire business that guarantees quick earning with over 300% returns on your investment.”


So, how do you start an online mini importation business in Nigeria or Ghana?

Do you need import license or connection to get started?

Do you need millions of Naira or Cedi to start your online mini importation business?

What about the cost of shipping your products?

Do you need an office space or paid employees?

What about generator, fuel and other cost of repairs and maintenance?

And running costs of the business?

As a matter of fact, what are the requirements for starting an online mini importation business in Nigeria or Ghana?

All these and much more are discussed comprehensively and explicitly inside this website – ImportersBible.com – the ONLY Importers Heaven on the internet!!!

You also have the wonderful opportunity of downloading “The Importers Bible” – the ONLY authoritative guide on the online mini importation business – FREE!!!

The Importers Bible - the only authoritative guide on start and successfully operate the online importation business in Nigeria

So, would you love to start the online mini importation business – buy, sell, and even import the latest Nokia, Samsung, Tecno, infinix, blackberries, androids,  smart phones for internet browsing, as well as brand new or fairly-used top quality iPad,  laptops, electronics, shoes, clothes, bags, jewelries and many more at the cheapest prices possible from Jumia, Konga, Olx, Jiji, Kaymu, eBay, Amazon, USA, United Kingdom, China, Singapore and other Asian countries?

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